Catalog Marketing for Today’s Consumer

Think catalogs are a thing of the past? Not so fast.

When we think “marketing” in 2019, many of us think of one word: digital. That’s not for nothing, as it dominates in today’s marketing landscape. However, we’re seeing more and more brands embracing print advertising once again, after abandoning it in the past decade. What gives?

Emerging channels have made it all-too-easy to get your message in front of potential consumers: emails, banner ads, social media, commercials… the list goes on and on. However, with all the success of digital marketing, we’re starting to see a negative trend of all that material turning into white noise and consumers tuning out.

So, how do you climb above all that white noise and grab a consumer’s attention in a more meaningful way? The answer lies in dialing it back to print advertising and catalog marketing once again.

How do you market with print in a way that feels fun & fresh and not like your grandma’s Sears catalog? Here are a few tips.

Create An Experience With Catalog Marketing

The number one reason consumers are grabbing for catalogs over looking through branded emails is that they want an authentic experience.

Particularly for Millennials, consumers want an excuse to slow down, unplug, and enjoy an experience that tells a story. They crave a personalized feeling and want a chance to have something physical to represent a brand. After all, with so much occupying the digital space, it can be increasingly hard to get a sense of a brand’s identity through its digital ads.

On digital, the copy has to be short and abbreviated. With the catalog, you have the chance to really tell a story so utilize print advertising to pair beautiful photography and graphic design with rich stories.

Use this as an opportunity to explain your company’s goals, give-back initiatives, history, and upcoming news.

Offer Limited Time Catalog Promotions

Studies have shown that engagement increases when a sale is mentioned. This is true for catalog advertising just as it is for digital. In fact, 81% are more likely to look at a catalog if it features items on sale.

Promotions create a sense of urgency for a consumer to flip through a catalog the moment they get it. Feature promotions in your catalog that reward you consumers for receiving and reading your catalog!

Be Consistent Across Channels

You always want to make sure that your print catalog feels like an extension of your brand, not an offshoot. Tell deeper, richer stories but maintain the same brand voice across your print and digital endeavors.

This will increase a consumer’s likelihood of engaging on other channels when they want to learn more or purchase based on what they saw in the catalog. Seamless user experiences are always a plus.

Final Thoughts

While digital advertising is extremely useful and largely successful still, it’s important to remember why print and catalog marketing is also important in capturing and maintaining your consumer’s attention.

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