The Latest Investment Trends in Ag Tech

Ag tech is changing faster than ever before. Want to be part of the revolution? Here are the latest investment trends in Ag Tech.

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If you’re an investor, you know the importance of agriculture in the United States. You also know that the United States is one of the world’s largest agricultural producers and exporters.

In order to stay on top, agricultural producers need to stay on top of the latest and greatest technology trends in agriculture. This requires producers and investors to participate in conferences and keep up with the latest data about Ag Tech.

Are you on the up and up with the latest investment trends in Ag Tech? If not, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn about the latest trends in the United States and beyond!

1. Shift to Ag Tech in Developing Countries

While the US is a global leader in agriculture, almost all of its food goes to countries with consumers who can easily afford it. This leaves developing countries to fend for themselves in terms of feeding their citizens.

Population growth in developing countries means an increased demand for food. Thus, there’s a huge push to invest in agricultural tech solutions in developing countries within Africa and Asia. In fact, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation recently agreed to invest over $600 million in agriculture in African and South Asian countries.

Ag Tech in developing countries is hot. Best to get in before the market is oversaturated!

2. Ag Biotech

Heard of genetically modified food?

Contrary to many well-intentioned critics, GMOs are healthy and have the potential to make a huge dent in world hunger. Ag biotech is focused on creating crops that are disease-resistant and have higher nutritional content. As a result, this is one of the most frequently invested areas of Ag Tech.

It is predicted that genetically modified food will continue to grow at a steady rate within the United States’ market. The European Union has a history of being cautious about the consumption of GMOs, but it is expected that they will grow within that market, too, albeit at a slower rate.

3. Solar Power

Solar power is one of the most popular alternative energy solutions in the United States. California, one of the country’s biggest agricultural producers, leads the rest of the country in solar power use. But, until recently, solar power has been too expensive to employ for many farmers.

Thankfully, advances in technology have made it a much more affordable option for use in agriculture. Agricultural producers are now using solar power for irrigation pumps, cold storage, chillers, dryers, and packhouses, among many other things. These advances in technology are helping increase the shelf life of produce and increase the amount of income generated by farmers — a huge win for everyone.

Now You’re Up to Date on the Latest Investment Trends in Ag Tech!

From biotech to solar power, big changes are on the horizon in Ag Tech. Keeping up with the latest and greatest helps you make good investments and further the success of agricultural producers in the US and abroad.

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