Challenges of the Pharmaceutical Marketing Industry - Momentum Events

Marketing and Manufacturing in the Pharma Industry face a common challenging component. They take a considerable amount of time to reach out to all their consumers and stakeholders – Patients, Doctors, Researchers, etc.  However, the challenges of the pharmaceutical marketing industry are not due to oversights or lack of strategies.

Talent, hard work, and due diligence have always been the driving forces in the advancement and development of the complex and ever-evolving Pharmaceutical and Live Sciences ecosystem.

The challenges in pharmaceutical marketing and manufacturing are due to the time-consuming end-to-end process that directly affects the supply chain.

Of course, we cannot skip on the crucial aspects such as research, development safety, and effective assessments, clinical trials, pre-marketing trials, and approvals before deployments.

However, the pharmaceutical marketing process after all the approvals can be streamlined with best practices and proven methods already used by companies in other segments.

Digital Marketing Facts about Pharmaceutical Industry

Telehealth marketing has already revolutionized the Virtual interactions between patients and world-class Doctors.

Patients from one end of the globe can now easily connect with some of the best physicians located at the other end.

Quick Telemedicine Facts

  1. 81% of the customers will recheck a doctor’s review even after getting a strong referral from their primary care doctor.
  2. 90% of them will change their minds if the online reviews are poor or bad.
  3. 84% of the patients prefer a virtual appointment rather than a walk-in.
  4. 76% of hospitals have implemented telehealth solutions.
  5. 33% of Doctors had already adopted telemedicine services even before the 2020 pandemic
  6. Between 2010 and 2018, the implementation of Telemedicine increased by more than 200%

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