Social distancing and lockdowns because of COVID 19 restricted law firms across the globe from attending their regular scheduled networking, business development and training events. These firms are, hence, worried about managing their learning and business development and efforts. They are aware that cancelling and postponing business is not good for their growth, yet, like most industries, the law industry too has adjusted to life which in limited meeting and events which has led to the creation of valuable and impactful experiences of communicating with their clients over virtual technology. Being connected to their clients is a necessity among the law firms. The virtual correspondence can be done by the law firm itself or the communication can be outsourced to companies that undertake.

Momentum can virtualize any formerly live event, whether it be a retreat, recruitment effort or a client event. As most industries continue to adjust to life with limited to no live meetings or events, the need to create a valuable and impactful experience has never been greater. Whether it is a firm retreat, recruitment effort or client event, Momentum can virtualize your program and deliver a seamlessly executed program that removes any delivery risks and enhances the digital experience, all for the fraction of the cost of a traditional venue and without any subscriptions or long-term commitments. vCaaS™, virtual Conference as a Service, leverages our best in class technology platform, an assortment of virtual event provider relationships, and the meticulous nature of our event

CaaS™ provides virtual conferencing that can leverage the best of technology. The conference that would provide training or updates on legal changes or any other area of practice can be organized virtually.  Continued legal education events are also essential for the growth of attorneys.  These events offer clear value attendees. Such can be developed virtually. In comparison to in person events, webinars organized by the law firms are cost-effective. They are alternative that would help build the law firm’s brand, generate quality leads, and build rapport with clients and prospects which can also be presented virtually.

The virtual programs help create stronger relationships. The events are more customized. The social interaction platforms can deliver content to the audience of their choosing. The company can even personalize the conversation unlike at a conference or event. Such interactions are not limited to conferences and events but have been useful for training, expert round tables, and bespoke conferences. The need is to fix a mutual time for the virtual interaction. For this purpose, it is important that the virtual environment follow the best practices and provide a complete end to end service to its customers. For law firms the digital landscape provides a huge influx of people.

Since it is difficult to hold the attention of attendees in a virtual session for a long period of time, the physical sessions offered over a few hours is delivered in 20-30 minute sessions. The content and the speaker will go hand in hand to make the virtual event a success for the law firm. The content can be posted to the website. The virtual offers review and feedback. This enable the law firm to evaluate the success of the virtual event.